It's one of the most recognizable songs in pop history, but are there facts about Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" that the average listener doesn't know?

In a word, yes: NME has published a list of 30 lesser-known tidbits about the mega-single. The whole article is certainly worth a read, but here are five pieces of "Billie Jean" trivia we found most surprising:

1. Quincy Jones hated the song's bassline.

2. Jones also didn't want the song to appear on "Thriller."

3. Jackson recorded the song by singing into a six-foot cardboard tube.

4. He only needed one take to record the vocals for the track.

5."Billie Jean" was mixed down 91 times before it hit the airwaves.

Rolling Stone placed "Billie Jean" at No. 58 on its list of the 500 Best Songs of All Time. The single also earned Jackson two of his record eight Grammys at the 1984 awards.

What "Billie Jean" facts did we miss? Share your favorite Michael Jackson trivia in the comments below. For more, head over to NME.

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  • Michael Jackson's final outfit

    Michael Jackson's final ensemble. The jacket was based on the one he worse at the Grammy's in 1994. A rhinestone Tinker Bell was placed inside the right breast. His armband contained the British royal crest. It didn't include his famous glove, as he had previously said to Michael Bush, one of his clothing designers, "If anything happens to me, please don't put that glove on me. That glove is only for Billie Jean."

  • Never worn

    This jacket was designed to be worn by Michael Jackson as part of the "This Is It" tour that never happened. The 777 refers to Michael being the seventh child, and the sum of the year in which he was born (19+58=77).

  • The original

    This is the glove that Michael Jackson wore <a href="">at the 1983 Motown anniversary performance</a> where the moonwalk was born.

  • Dinner Jacket

    This jacket was one of Michael's personal favorites. He liked to wear it when he hosted guests.

  • The Bad Jacket

    The original, unenhanced jacket worn <a href="">on the cover of the Bad album.</a>

  • Making HIStory

    An image from the launch of the HIStory album in Budapest. Note the 777 armband.

  • Peter Pan belt buckle

    MJJ Productions received written permission from Disney to use their Peter Pan image for a belt in 1989.

  • The 'Africa Arrival' jacket

    From the Dangerous world tour, 1992-3.

  • Beat It

    The original Beat It jacket.

  • The last glove

    This was the last glove in which Michael would ever be photographed, <a href="">for a VIBE magazine cover i</a>n 2002. It contains 2,064 rhinestones.

  • Personal jacket

    A personal jacket made for Michael in 1995. It took 12 hours to ice with gold bullion.

  • His favorite

    Michael's all-time favorite piece of clothing was a milky white military jacket adorned with pearls and cream-colored glass bugle beads.

  • From the Dangerous Tour

  • Michael and Bubbles

    Michael had his designers also make clothes for his chimpanzee, Bubbles.

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