Toilet paper may seem like an unassuming presence in your house, but from a pet's point of view it's prime playtime fodder.

Check out these 22 goofy examples below and you'll see what we mean!

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  • "I Don't See A Thing"

  • "I Have No Idea How This Got Here"

  • "It's Just So Fun"

  • "Nom Nom Nom"

  • "I'm A Stinker"

  • "What Do You Expect?"

  • "At Least I Posed For This Picture"

  • "It Got The Best Of Me"

  • "I'm Making Art"

  • Working Together We Can Make Twice The Mess

  • "You Keep Look Out"

  • "Who Me?"

  • "Rolling Out The Toilet Paper Really Gets A Person Tired"

  • "Hehehehe"

  • "There Can Only Be One Winner"

  • "Never Give Up"

  • "Just Little Dainty Bites"

  • "Mission Accomplished"

  • "Don't Look At Me"

  • "So So Tired Out"

  • "I Did It, There's No Getting Around It"

  • "Get That Camera Out Of Here"

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