Well, this Ann Coulter rant went many places. She covered gun rights, criminal records, abortion, tax subsidies, single mothers, New York real estate, bodyguards, mental illness, the ACLU, New York City subway deaths, and the New York Times—in a matter of minutes.

The conservative pundit appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Thursday night incensed by a local New York newspaper's decision to publish the names and addresses of local gun permit holders.

The controversial decision received a ton of backlash from many critics. One blogger responded by publishing the name and addresses of Journal News staffers. The paper hired armed security guards after receiving threatening messages.

Coulter piled on the criticism, but took her argument in a few different directions. First she argued that public records of gun permit holders should not be available because "people with gun permits by definition do not have criminal records." Then she started demanding various lists of things including "recently-paroled criminals," rent-controlled apartments, and women who have had abortions.

"Why can't we get a record of women who have had abortions?" Coulter asked. "They get money from Planned Parenthood; they get money from Medicare and Medicaid, much of these are tax subsidies. I think mothers might want to know what other women on their street might be willing to murder a child."

And then she started wondering about Manhattan real estate. "How about a list of the rent-controlled apartments in New York?" she asked. "And by the way, if we're producing lists of gun permit owners, I want 'em for Manhattan! I want to know how many rich liberals with their bodyguards have gun permits."

She then demanded the names and addresses of the armed guards at the Journal News who were hired because the paper received what Coulter mocked as, "ooooh some mean emails!" Then she went back to the bodyguard issue at hand and said that if there is tighter gun control in the future, people who make $200,000 or more should not be allowed to hire armed bodyguards and should be as "defenseless as the rest of us."

She then likened gun control advocates to "hysterical women" who "refuse to go after criminals." She said:

They will not do anything about manifestly crazy people—no, no, no—we have to let [them] walk the streets of Manhattan, defecate in the street, you have the ACLU defending crazy people. All of these shoot-ups, this precious protection for obviously mentally-disturbed individuals, there is certainly no effort to reduce single-motherhood, something that is also a contributing factor in many of these cases. In New York City, you can't take a subway without somebody getting pushed onto the tracks by mentally disturbed individuals. And liberals won't let us go after the criminals, no they specifically go out and try to harm people who by definition do not have criminal records so that their guns can be stolen by criminals!

It would be silly to think that Coulter reached any sort of logical conclusion at this point. So, she took an extra moment to suggest shutting down the New York Times. Watch Coulter's rant in the video above.

(h/t Mediaite)

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