Broccoli, along with peas and Brussels sprouts, usually bears the brunt of some of childhood's worst crimes against vegetables. Overcooked, limp piles of sad trees, fed to the dog or hidden under a napkin. Although a few of us have loved broccoli from the beginning, some still struggle into adulthood with what else to do with this cabbage-cousin. Have you only steamed, boiled and tolerated broccoli in the past? We've got a broccoli recipe for you.

Uncommonly high in Vitamin C and fiber, a perfect complement to flavors like cheese, lemon and chiles, there are a lot of reasons and ways to love broccoli. One of our most recent favorites is roasted broccoli -- the ends of the florets get toasted crispy and the stalk's flavor gets concentrated. Which reminds us of a another thing: do not commit the cardinal sin of tossing out the broccoli stems. They can be cooked just like the rest of the vegetable, but are also amazing as pickles, shredded for slaw, or cooked down into vegetable stock.

Go forth into this brave, grown-up world of broccoli and enjoy. We can't wait to hear which way is your new favorite way to cook it.

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