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'Cappuccino for Africa': Capuchin Friars In Poland Use Coffee To Help Africans

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WARSAW, Poland -- A group of Capuchin friars in Poland is using the order's historical link to cappuccino to raise money to help Africans.

Coffee shops in six Polish cities have joined in the three-day action "Cappuccino for Africa" for missions that the Krakow-based friars are running in the Central African Republic and Chad.

Capuchin monks have been often credited with inspiring the name for the frothy coffee drink because of their coffee-colored habits.

A project coordinator, Piotr Gajda, said a friar got the idea for the charity last year while drinking a coffee, and wondering how the order's association with the pleasurable drink could be used to help the missions.

The group says proceeds from selling one cappuccino in Poland can provide 10 hot meals for children in the Central African Republic.

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