The Crawleys are back!

After being deprived of "Downton Abbey" for nearly a year, fans of the period drama will be let back inside Downton's extravagant walls on Sunday, January 6.

It's been a while since Season 2 concluded and if you're like us, you likely forgot some of the details of Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew's (Dans Stevens) romantic entanglement, how the servants are faring, and even which characters died.

In preparation for the stateside premiere of Season 3 "Downton Abbey," click through the slideshow below for a Season 2 refresher.

Season 2 of "Downton Abbey" premires on Sun., Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.

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  • Downton Survives The First World War

    Although Season 2 of "Downton Abbey" brought a war, death by Spanish flu and a wheelchair-bound Matthew, Downton was able to withstand the hardest of times ... even though low finances meant their attire wasn't quite as extravagant.

  • Bates Is Sentence To Life In Prison

    Bates shall live! After being framed for murder by his ex-wife, Mr. Bates was sentenced to death much to the horror of the Crawley family, the servants and his wife Anna. But in the Season 2 finale, Bates' death was exchanged for life in prison. Better than nothing, right?

  • The Dowager Countess Takes The High Road

    The Dowager may not always be pleasant, but she certainly knows right from wrong. Taking family matters into her own hands, the Dowager made it her mission throughout Season 2 to inform Matthew of Mary's love and was A-OK with her granddaughter Sybil's love for her driver Branson, despite the rest of Downton's disapproval.

  • Ethel Decides To Keep Charlie

    After falling into bed with a major in hopes of raising her status, Ethel got pregnant and subsequently fired by head maid Mrs. Hughes. When the major's parents stopped by Downton declaring him dead, Ethel told them the news in hopes that his parents would help her out financially. They offered to take Charlie, but only if Ethel had nothing to do with him. Choosing a noble path for once, Ethel decided to keep her son.

  • Lady Mary And Matthew Crawley Are In Love!

    After an entire season of wondering when Mary and Matthew would get together, Matthew's fiance Lavinia died of the Spanish flu. Mary dumped her scheming fiance Sir Richard Carlisle soon afterward, spilled the news that Mr. Pamuk had died in her bed, and finally declared her love for Matthew.

  • Edith Is Still After Sir Anothy

    Determined to get out of Lady Mary's shadow once and for all, Edith pursued her past love interest Sir Anthony one last time. He insisted he was "far too old" for her, but by the end of the episode, things for Edith and Anthony were looking promising.

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