Kobe Bryant Twitter: Lakers' Star Tweets From Verified Account, People Get Excited

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Kobe Bryant follows no one.

At least, Bryant didn't follow anyone in the first few hours of joining Twitter. In the brief time it took him to rack up more than 200,000 followers, the Lakers' superstar didn't click "follow" for anyone else. Nevertheless, the appearance of Bryant's verified account (@kobebryant) on the social media platform caused quite a stir on #FollowFriday.

In a post about the account, Daniel Buerge of Lakers Nation reported "The account has been verified. It’s him, everybody," and then instructed fans of the purple and gold to "Proceed to lose your minds."

While minds may not have totally been lost, many of them noticed that the Mamba had arrived in the Twitterverse.

Robert Small
He's got that Twitter bird with the snake tongue.

Stacey Sher
Black Mamba...seen Django yet?

Not Bill Walton
Does this mean the antipasser will become a passer? Hmmm. RT The antisocial has become social

follow me Kobe Bean Bryant!!!!!!!!!!! Early Birthday present from the GOAT

As noted by Dan Devine of Ball Don't Lie!, this is Bryant's second go-around with Twitter, having briefly joined up back in 2011.

Will he stick around this time? In a season marked by remarkable candor from Bryant on fans' expectations and his team's age, the time does seem right for him to start tweeting. So, who will Bryant follow first? Will it be @MettaWorldPeace? Or how about @paugasol?

Stay tuned.

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