01/04/2013 08:13 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Six Degrees of Celebrity: Kim Kardashian And Snoop Lion

Welcome to our Six Degrees of Celebrity game, which positions two stars who've made headlines this week. Today we're looking at Kim Kardashian, who announced that she and beau Kanye West are expecting a baby, and Snoop Dogg Lion, who spoke about weed, children and rebirth in a candid new GQ interview.

Here we go:

Who: Kim Kardashian and Snoop Lion
Kim Kardashian starred in a now-infamous 2003 sex tape with Ray J,
who is Snoop Lion's first cousin!
Does the Kevin Bacon theory hold: Yes
Degrees of Separation: 1

Have a quicker connection? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to check back next Friday for our weekly installment that pits one trending celebrity against the next.


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