01/06/2013 01:36 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Links: Lead And Crime, GMO Activist Switches Sides, The Open-Ended War On Terror

-- Kevin Drum makes the connection between lead exposure, IQ, and social deviance, with particular focus on the crime rate. Some push-back from Reason's Ron Bailey here.

-- Here's some more interesting discussion of the falling crime rate, from Jason Kuznicki.

-- Glenn Greenwald: The war on terror is open-ended and indefinite--by design.

-- Influential environmentalist Mark Lynas says he was "completely wrong" to oppose genetically-modified food.

-- Ex-painkiller addict Rep. Robert Kennedy and the ever-earnest paternalist David Frum are behind a new organization aimed at preventing the legalization of recreational marijuana. The Reuters article notes that Frum's involvement makes the group "bipartisan." Which I guess is technically true. It's also an illustration of just how little that word actually means.

-- Shopping in ancient Rome.

-- "Cash for Clunkers" wasn't quite the success proponents claim it was. It also appears to have had some negative unintended consequences for the environment.

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