Watching Bill Cosby and Tempestt Bledsoe reunite on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Friday brought back a lot of great memories. The mini-reunion of the two stars from "The Cosby Show" had us reminiscing about our favorite episodes and moments on what was, quite possibly, the greatest show of all time.

So we figured, why not pull together some of the most side-splitting moments with television's favorite family? From Theo's infamous Gordon Gartrell shirt, to Rudy's adorable lip-syncing of the Ray Charles hit, right down to Claire telling Denise to "go discover America," here are some of the best moments the Huxtables have given us over the years.

Tell us if we missed any in the comments section below, and we'll add them to the slideshow!

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  • Theo's Lesson In 'Regular People'

  • Gordon Gartrell Gone Wrong

  • Who It Is

  • 'Go Discover America'

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • The Huxtables Meet Stevie Wonder

  • The Bucking Horse

  • Theo's Holiday

  • Happy Golden Anniversary!

  • The Huxtables Meet Lena Horne

  • Battle Of The Sexes

  • I'm In With The In Crowd

  • Cliff Gets A Lesson In Reggae

  • How Babies Are Born

  • If Men Got Pregnant

  • Jitterbug Break!

  • The Ear Piercing

  • Vanessa's Engagement

  • Claire: 'Let me tell you somethin'...'

  • Olivia 'Singing'

  • Tap Dance Challenge