01/08/2013 04:30 pm ET

Tamron Hall Laughing Fit: MSNBC Host Hysterical Over Brent Musburger's Obsession With Miss Alabama (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Tamron Hall collapsed into a fit of giggles on her Tuesday show as she reported on what some called ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger's "creepy" comments about Miss Alabama.

During Monday night's BCS championship game, Musburger commented on how Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb, aka Miss Alabama, is quite the looker. In fact, he repeatedly commented on her good looks and his envious feelings towards McCarron. “You quarterbacks—you get all the good-looking women,” he said.

As Hall quoted Musburger's comments and continuously reported on the story, she laughed so hard that she started to cry and lost her place reading the teleprompter.

Hall now joins a growing list of news broadcasters whose laughter overtook them, including Megyn Kelly and Anderson Cooper.

(h/t Mediaite)


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