01/08/2013 01:58 pm ET

Tebow, English Bulldog Puppy, Learns To Walk (VIDEO)

He's got the name and the determination of a champion.

Tebow, an English Bulldog puppy, took his first steps last month, and we don't care AT ALL that it was a shaky start.

He came from an English Bulldog breeder in Portales, N.M., who introduced him like this:

All of our puppies at Suburban Bullies are stars, but every now and then we get that one that is just a certified SUPERSTAR. Meet Tebow. Ironically, he's on his way to LA / Hollywood in a few weeks to live with his new family. He has to be the most handsome bulldog puppy we have ever seen and he hasn't even begun to get all of his wrinkles at the young age of 3 weeks.

Want to get super meta? Here's dog watching Tebeow take his first steps.


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