Sometimes it can be really tough to part with your things, even when you haven't used them in a while. Which is why so many people struggle to combat clutter in their homes. But then there are others out there who are just hoping someone will take some of their old stuff off their hands. Which is probably why we stumble across so many weird Craigslist ads every time we visit the site. From a four-foot Barney doll to old plastic trophies, you can bet you'll find some creepy and just plain useless items. Flip through the slideshow below to catch a glimpse of these and five other strange things for sale now.

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  • Sign Waving Mannequins

    As if normal mannequins aren't strange enough, imagine passing one that actually moves too.

  • Apple Collection

    Someone must really love this fruit. Hey, you know what they say: "An apple a day..."

  • Box Of Random Stuff

    For only $10, you can get a box of random, unidentifiable junk. What a steal.

  • 4-Foot-Tall Barney

    Kids love the big purple dinosaur -- on TV. But a Barney that's as big as they are just seems frightening.

  • Real Stuffed Arabian Camel

    Okay, we understand taxidermy is a hobby for some. But a camel? That's just so sad.

  • Trophies From The 1990s

    Just what everyone wants, cheap plastic trophies from sporting events they didn't participate in.

  • 40-Year-Old Cloud 9 Doll

    There's just something about old, life-sized dolls that is always a little bit creepy.

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