Celebrity Doppelgangers: Stars Who Could Play Younger Versions Of Other Stars

01/09/2013 11:52 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2013

"The Carrie Diaries," the much-anticipated prequel to "Sex and the City," premieres this Monday. And from the previews we've seen, AnnaSophia Robb pulls off the series' curly-coiffed heroine with aplomb. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Robb, 19, resembles a young Sarah Jessica Parker. Here's our roundup of stars who could play older/younger versions of the same character.

Sarah Hyland & Mila Kunis
celebrity doppelgangers

Selena Gomez & Rachel Bilson
selena gomez rachel bilson

Jennifer Lawrence & Renee Zellweger
jennifer lawrence renee zellweger

Amanda Bynes & Jennifer Aniston

Amanda Seyfried & Madonna

Emma Watson & Kate Winslet
emma watson kate winslet

Emma Stone & Julianne Moore
julianne moore emma stone

Leelee Sobieski & Helen Hunt
helen hunt leelee sobieski

Brad Pitt & Robert Redford
brad pitt robert redford

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Celebrity Dopplegangers

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