Colbert Slams Jack Lew, Obama's All-Male Cabinet (VIDEO)

01/11/2013 12:01 pm ET

Stephen Colbert, like many of his fellow Republicans, is absolutely outraged that Obama has chosen an all-male cabinet for his second term. Because Republicans have such a solid history of being very interested in diversity, especially in government, one can certainly understand why they'd be so upset about Obama's already-failed second term cabinet.

He's especially mad about Obama's treasury secretary nominee, Jack Lew. He, like Obama, is especially mad about Lew's signature, calling it "pubic hair masquerading as an autograph" that could appear on all our money if he's confirmed. "Our money should have nothing ridiculous on it, just old men in wigs and pyramids with eyes!"

Check out the clip above to see a clip of last night's "Colbert Report."

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