01/11/2013 04:41 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2013

Kirstie Alley Style Evolution: A Woman And Her Love For Zany Prints (PHOTOS)

Always a fan of prints, textures and color, Kirstie Alley has never favored subtlety when it comes to fashion. Zany pants, floor-length denim coats and crushed velvet are just a hint of the wild ride that is Kirstie Alley's style evolution.

While most ladies tend to shift to an all-black wardrobe over the years -- Kirstie Alley not so much. That's not to say she doesn't love a little black every now and then. Oh, she does. But she always makes up for it with, say, a skin-tight yellow satin number. Never a dull moment, that Kirstie.

As the "Dancing With The Stars" contestant turns 62 on Jan. 12, we're taking a look back at her wildest style looks.

Kirstie Alley Style Evolution

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