They Dated, Golden Globes Edition: Forgotten Couples Of The Award Show (VIDEO)

01/11/2013 04:06 pm ET

The Golden Globes are quickly approaching and the nominees and their significant others will be gracing the red carpet looking their very best.

As we wonder who will make this year's best-dressed lists, we're reminded of the couples of yesteryear who attended the big event -- and how we totally forgot they ever dated.

"Entertainment Tonight" reminds us that George Clooney brought then-girlfriend Celine Belitran to the awards in 1997 and 1998, while we had no idea Bradley Cooper showed up to the 2006 event with none other than then-wife Jennifer Esposito. Actually, we had no idea they were ever even married.

We wonder which couples who walk the red carpet together this year will soon be but a memory.

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