01/11/2013 03:43 pm ET

Celebrities Who Dissed Their Exes (PHOTOS)

In 2009, Mariah Carey wasn't shy about calling her ex-husband and record executive Tommy Mottola "controlling," and claimed he "mentally and emotionally" abused her during their four-year-marriage, which she called a "private hell."

Four years later, Mottola is speaking out in his new memoir "Hitmaker," and says that he might have been demanding, but he's the reason for her worldwide success. "If it seemed like I was controlling, I apologize. Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success," he writes in the book.

We're sure Mariah wouldn't be too happy to learn her ex believes he's the reason she's become a legend in the music industry, but it's not as if he's the first to diss a former paramour.

Check out more celebrities who publicly dissed their exes:

Celebs Who Dissed Their Exes


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