01/14/2013 02:58 pm ET

'30 Rock': 'Florida' Finds Jenna And Tracy In Charge (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

When Jack and Liz are away, Jenna and Tracy will play on "30 Rock."

In the Thursday, Jan. 17 episode, "Florida," Jack and Liz head to Florida to deal with Colleen's estate, Pete hits a producer's convention -- he even packed a wig -- and that leaves Jenna and Tracy in charge, which means 3,000,000 oranges and an elevator full of water, apparently.

Check out the exclusive clip to see for yourself.

Here's NBC's official description:

JACK (ALEC BALDWIN) AND LIZ (TINA FEY) GO OFF TO FLORIDA TO HANDLE HIS LATE MOTHER’S ESTATE, WHILE TRACY (TRACY MORGAN) AND JENNA (JANE KRAKOWSKI) TAKE CHARGE AT “TGS.” Jack (Baldwin) encourages Liz (Fey) to be spontaneous and accompany him on a trip to Florida where they uncover a shocking secret about his mother. In Liz’s absence, Tracy (Morgan) and Jenna (Krakowski) assume responsibility for “TGS” with disastrous results for Kenneth (Jack McBrayer.) Tim Meadows guest stars.

"30 Rock" airs Thursdays, 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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