Rob Delaney Gives Sexy Scouting Report The Dramatic Reading It Deserves (VIDEO)

01/14/2013 12:55 pm ET

We didn't realize how sexy minor league baseball scouting could be until comedian Rob Delaney showed us today.

After finding a list of scouting notes culled by Sam Frank in a 2004 Harper's article, Delaney did the only logical thing and sat down to do a dramatic reading of the impossibly dirty-sounding notes (while sporting an excellent mustache, we might add). They range from the somewhat understandable, like "low body fat" and "avid with weights," to phrases like, "country boy build" and our personal favorite, "a man, physically."

Watch the video above and see some of Delaney's funniest tweets from the 2012 presidential election below.

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