Huell Howser died of prostate cancer, according to his official death certificate.

The document, first obtained by TMZ, notes that 67-year-old host of KCET's "California's Gold" died Jan. 7, 2013 at 2:35 a.m. The certificate also says that Howser's remains were cremated and scattered off the coast of Los Angeles County.

His parents' names are another interesting detail on the certificate; Howser's first name, "Huell," is a combination of his father's name, Harold, and his mother's name, Jewell.

Howser retired from is long-running public TV show in Nov. 2012 amid rumors he was seriously ill, reported the Los Angeles Times last year.

The day after Howser died, friend and producer Ryan Morris confirmed to NBC LA that the broadcaster had been battling cancer for the past two years.

Howser was memorialized Tuesday during a public "Sunset Salute" service at Griffith Observatory organized by LA councilmember Tom LaBonge.

Online tributes created by ardent fans, as well as a map pinpointing all of Howser's episode locations, has also sprung up.

In a previous phone interview, Morris told The Huffington Post that the best way to remember Howser and his legacy was to visit Chapman University in Orange, Calif. The TV host had donated his life's work, including artifacts and a desert retreat, to the university in the years before his death. The records are also available online.

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