Jori Lehtera Goal: KHL Forward Scores Crazy Penalty Shot During Russian All-Star Game (VIDEO)

01/15/2013 05:53 pm ET

As both sides embattled in the NHL labor dispute finally solidified a new collective bargaining agreement on Saturday in North America, superstars in the KHL were lacing up their skates for the Russian league's All-Star Game on Sunday.

NHL standouts Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk delayed their travels back to the U.S. to attend the marquee skills competition, but it was Finnish forward Jori Lehtera who stole the spotlight with an unpredictable penalty shot that involved a little trickery on the ice.

The 25-year-old St. Louis Blues prospect found the net with the use of some quick hands and a risky no-look "shot" that had just enough momentum to cross the goal line after a swift touch between the legs. The goaltender didn't notice until it was too late.

Of course, like most All-Star games, defense from either team was used sparingly and the goal was just one of many in a matchup that ended 18-11.


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