Lance Armstrong And Other Celebrity Confessions: When Celebrities Are On The Hot Seat

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Breaking his silence: Lance Armstrong's first interview since the doping scandal will air on Thursday on OWN. | AP

By now, we all know that Lance Armstrong will admit to doping on Thursday's much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey. But the segment has already spurred its own questions: Will he apologize? Does he explain why? Will he admit to blackmailing anyone or threatening people around him? And does Armstrong, as Charlie Rose so desperately wanted to know on CBS Tuesday morning, appear contrite?

Perhaps Armstrong (and his PR team) looked back at other celebrity confessions to learn how best to come forward with the truth -- or at least, dodge the question artfully. Here, we look back at other interviews of celebrities on the hot seat, from Bill Clinton to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Whitney Houston.

Shocking Celebrity Confessions
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