01/16/2013 10:03 am ET | Updated Jan 16, 2013

Chris Bosh To Star In Disney Channel's 'JESSIE' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

First Miami Heat player Chris Bosh "starred" in a superhero animated short as a disgraced space prince trying to save the Multiverse.

Now the all-star is taking his acting talents to the Disney Channel.

Bosh will make a guest appearance on Disney's "JESSIE," in which a ginger-haired nanny takes care of four rich kids.

Bosh will play himself in a plot that involves rival high schools, lucky socks, and this prize line by a small Indian boy: "Are you smuggling a skunk who ate burritos last night?"

Watch the cringeworthy clips below. (Bosh may have been more natural as the fallen space prince.)

Bosh, whose face launched a thousand animated GIFs (see below), is primed for more screen time. Someone get this man a full-length movie.

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