The journalism industry isn’t known for the big bucks. Often young writers seek work on the side ranging from freelance jobs to exotic dancing as a supplement to their measly income.

One former society journalist, Sarah Tressler, lived a double life doing the latter, raking in around $2,000 a night.

Last March, however, Tressler was stripped of her reporting gig at the Houston Chronicle after their competitors, the Houston Press, exposed her secret identity.

But now the "Angry Stripper" has some great news.

She just landed a new job at The San Anotonio Express-News as a breaking news reporter, the Houston Press reports.

Editor Mike Leary told the Houston Press via e-mail that Tressler is the newest member of the paper's "Go Team," which "covers breaking news, primarily for our Website." She started on Jan. 11.

While moonlighting as a an exotic dancer and writing under the pseudonym "The Angry Stripper," Tressler detailed the sordid details of her nighttime clients including an anecdote about oral sex from actor Jeremy Piven while studying for her masters in Journalism at NYU, Gawker reported. Her bare-all style earned her a book deal and national tour.

Tressler is not alone. She is among a slew of professionals with sexed-up double lives.

Stacie Halas, a California middle-school teacher who wasfired for her porn star past was recently offered a new job, too. Dennis Hof of Nevada's infamous Nevada Brothel, Moonlite BunnyRanch is interested in hiring Halas.

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  • Sarah Tressler

    Strippers are used to exposing themselves, but Sarah Tressler insists she wasn't prepared to be publicly exposed earlier this year. Tressler, 30, had been writing society columns for the Houston Chronicle</a> until March when the Houston Press, an alt-weekly revealed that she had been working as a stripper at the same time she was writing about charity balls.

  • Sarah Tressler

    When word got out about her double life, the conservative daily fired Tressler for not revealing her dance career on her job application.

  • Sarah Tressler

    Tressler started stripping to pay for college, but admits some of the tricks she learned on the job have translated well to journalism. "That's where I learned interviewing skills," she said. "I had to learn how to get to know complete strangers in a few minutes so they'd feel comfortable spending money on me, and I'd feel comfortable with them."

  • Sarah Tressler

    Tressler has since hired high-powered attorney Gloria Allred to file a former complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the paper. In the meantime, she is back to stripping and writing about exotic dancing as well.

  • Diary Of An Angry Stripper

    Tressler discusses the ins and outs of her dancing career in a new book, "Diary Of An Angry Stripper."