WASHINGTON -- Local Russians who want a reminder of the mother country now have a cozy sanctuary near Dupont Circle. Mari Vanna, with locations in Moscow, London and New York, is opening its second location in the United States on Connecticut Avenue near M Street NW.

The three-level restaurant, just down the way from the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, offers Russian cuisine in a space that makes the diner feel like they're seated in someone's home.

A classic Russian menu of pirozhok (small Russian pies stuff with meat, cabbage or eggs), homemade blinis (Russian-style crepes with red caviar and sour cream) and Vinegret salad compliment the specialty cocktails. Heavy on vodka, the full-service bars feature a wide array of flavors, including horseradish.

A nice treat is the Russian candy on each of the bars. While the labels aren't in English, we can recommend candy featuring a girl, a squirrel and camels.

Click through the slideshow for a peek into a lovely restaurant -- and a special Wednesday night party -- that may help some Capitals players feel at home.

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  • Mari Vanna First Floor

  • Mari Vanna Mezzanine Level

  • Mari Vanna Upstairs Cocktail Lounge

  • Mari Vanna Vinegret Salad

  • Mari Vanna Salo Plate

  • Mari Vanna Blinis

  • Mari Vanna Antonovka Cocktail

  • NBC 4 Sports Anchor Dan Hellie, KStreetMagazine Founder Kate Michael, NBC 4 Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer

  • Guests With The Mari Vanna Accordionist

  • The Fashionably Broke's Erika Pinto, Phillip Latham, Spicy Candy's Katya Ananieva Hold Keys To Mari Vanna

  • The View From The Mezzanine Level

  • Mari Vanna Kitchen

  • Mari Vanna Server

  • First Floor

  • Russian Candy

  • Wine Rack Decor

  • Special's Chalkboard

  • Men's Restroom

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