A custom license plate offers you the unique opportunity to tell the road who you are, what you stand for, and what drives you in life. Unfortunately, these vanity plates don't do a very good job of that.

The drivers of these vehicles are clearly confused and misguided human beings and it's led them to make some very bad vanity plate choices. Choices that are so frightening and wrong you'll be asking yourself, "Should they legally be allowed to drive?"

Check out 21 of the funniest accidentally inappropriate vanity plates we could find and tell us which is your favorite in the comments.

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  • Cuntry Vanity Plate

    The "Country1" vanity plate may have been taken, but Joe refused to give up on his dream.

  • Mom Made Some Bad Choices

    To be fair, she is the nicest mom. She's just not very astute.

  • Anas Lexus

    A little too close for comfort.

  • A Vanity Plate For Jesus

    I don't always know what Jesus would do, but I do know he would not like that vanity plate.

  • It's Old Pedo

    It's his nickname. It's unfortunate.

  • BJ's Mom

    Her son BJ bought this for her as a present and she doesn't have the heart to return it.

  • Redskins Fail

    Jerry really loves the Redskins.

  • 4NIKK8

    Nicole really loved her 7th grade screen name.

  • A Bad Name Makes For A Bad Vanity Plate

    Kerry Weefe chose the wrong way to display her name.

  • Gina The Diva

    Dina might be a diva, but she's not smart.

  • God And Us Or God Anus?

    She loves every part of God.

  • Gotta Go, Gotta Go

    This car's gotta go right now.

  • These Numbers Are Unfortunate

    Never has a 6 been so damaging.

  • Another Unfortunate Number

    More proof that 6 is a damaging number.

  • Her Love Is Pure

    Dana loves her boyfriend John Zachary Zabrocky!

  • Little Nut

    Because peanut was taken.

  • Fister Vanity Plate

    We assume this is his last name.

  • Mr. Shart or Mrs. Shart?

    The placement of that period makes a word of difference.

  • A Bad Sport

    This vanity plate ruined their love of skeet shooting forever.

  • Strange Love

    Let's hope their Kid Nut appreciates this.

  • Mother Goose Or Pervert?

    This van isn't reassuring.

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