Since President George Washington's first ever inauguration in 1789, the location, date and celebration of the event has transformed.

Obama's first inauguration in 2009 was the first of an African-American president. Attendance was so high at the ceremony that it also marked the first time in history the entire National Mall was used as a public viewing area.

Below, take a look back at other inauguration firsts:

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  • First Held In Washington, D.C.

    <strong>Thomas Jefferson, 1801</strong> Jefferson's inauguration was<a href=""> the first to be held in the District of Columbia</a>. It was also the first inauguration the Marine Band played at. They have played at every inauguration since.

  • First Inaugural Ball

    <strong>James Madison, 1809</strong> Madison's <a href=""> first Inaugural Ball </a>was held the evening after his swearing-in ceremony. The ball took place at Long's Hotel. Tickets cost $4 each.

  • First Photographed

    <strong>James Buchanan, 1857</strong> The first known <a href="">photograph</a> of an inaugural ceremony was taken at Buchanan's inauguration.

  • First Parade Allowing African Americans To Participate

    <strong>Abraham Lincoln, 1865</strong> Lincoln's <a href="">second inauguration</a>, which came just months after the passing of the 13th amendment, was the first that African Americans were allowed to participate in.

  • First Filmed

    <strong>William McKinley, 1897</strong> <a href="">McKinley's inauguration</a> was the first to be recorded on a motion picture camera, a new technology in the late 1800s.

  • First Held On January 20th

    <strong>Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1937</strong> Previous to FDR's second inauguration, most inaugurations were held on <a href="">March 4th</a>. The 20th amendment, ratified in 1933, mandated that all future inaugurations be held on January 20th.

  • First Televised

    <strong>Harry S. Truman, 1949</strong> Truman's <a href="">inauguration</a> was the first to be broadcast on television, letting audiences across the nation take part in viewing the ceremony.

  • First Airplane Inauguration

    <strong>Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963</strong> Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnson was <a href="">sworn in</a> to office on Air Force One in Dallas - making his inauguration the only one to ever be held on a plane.

  • First Internet Broadcast

    <strong>Bill Clinton, 1997</strong> Clinton's <a href="">second inauguration</a> was the first ever to be streamed online.

  • First Emceed By A Woman

    <strong>Barack Obama, 2009</strong> <a href="">Obama's inauguration</a> was emceed by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the first woman to ever emcee an inauguration. His inauguration also had the largest attendance of any event ever held in D.C. and had the highest online viewership ever.

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