01/18/2013 10:18 am ET

Mexican National Soccer Team Under Pressure By Immigration Activists To Skip Game In Arizona

It’s Mexico vs. Denmark at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on January 30 and you would think anticipation and excitement for the game would be high from fans and Mexican-Americans in Arizona. But immigration rights organizations say not so fast.

“The Mexican soccer team is coming down to play in the apartheid state of Arizona,” says Salvador Reza, 61, an organizer for TonaTierra for 20 years who works with its Barrio Defense Committees engaging with families on problems they face from authorities. “Where anybody who looks brown is suspect and officers would even stop them if they saw them driving. For them to come here and leave millions of dollars to the state of Arizona in taxes and revenue is a disservice to the community they represent.”

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