Best Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

01/19/2013 01:50 pm ET

Earlier this week, we discovered a dad with a bizarre approach to doing his daughter's hair. Instead of wrestling with brushes and ponytail holders, he just... well, see for yourself here. We don't recommend trying his trick at home, but imagine that more than a few moms and dads would like to. And mom of seven, Chris Jordan, expressed the reason why in one of our favorite tweets this week: "It is entirely possible I may go to my deathbed shouting,'There are no bumps in your ponytail!'"

There was a whole lot more venting going on in the parenting Twitterverse this week. From new parents to those raising teens, click through the gallery below to see whose 140-character quips we loved most.

This Week's Best Parenting Tweets
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