Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lanes Take Center Stage As Obamas Walk On Them During Parade

01/21/2013 05:48 pm ET | Updated Jan 22, 2013

WASHINGTON -- Monday's Inauguration parade delighted nearly all watchers, especially when President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama got out of the presidential limousine, walked along part of the parade route, held hands and waved at the crowds.

But what gave pause? Bike lanes. Namely, the Obamas' limo driving over Pennsylvania Avenue's beloved bike lanes. And then the Obamas walking over the bike lanes during their parade stroll toward the White House.

As you can see in this slideshow, some on Twitter thought that the bike lanes' treatment showed Obama's support for two-wheeled transportation; others suggested, mostly jokingly, it to be an impeachable offense:

Obama Parade Walking In Bike Lane
Inauguration Parade 2013

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