01/22/2013 05:00 pm ET

Answer Your Cat's Question Day: Imagining What Our Feline Friends Would Ask Us If They Could (VIDEO)

Cats are independent, existential beings. Sure, they spend most of their time living close to the ground, constantly deciding whether to request more or purposefully ignore human affection, but we're pretty sure they also ponder the meaning of existence. If cats could speak, what kind of questions would they ask?

Until they invent a device that turns purrs and meows into clearly stated questions, we can only wonder. But as today happens to be "Answer Your Cat's Question Day," we thought we'd take a few minutes to answer the questions (we think) some of the Internet's funniest cats have been asking.

Watch the video above and address your own feline's burning questions before this delightfully unnecessary holiday comes to an end.


Shocked Cats