01/22/2013 03:39 pm ET

'Epic Meal Time' Kidnaps Jamie Oliver While Making Insane Fish And Chips (VIDEO)

Hats off to Jamie Oliver, who clearly has a sense of humor about his crusade for healthier school lunches. In the latest episode of the gluttonous web series "Epic Meal Time," the British chef is "kidnapped" and gagged with candy before being shoved into a refrigerator.

Thanks to the power of creative editing, the show makes it appear as though Oliver is held hostage while the EMT crew prepares an over-the-top fish and chips filet dish. Throughout, Oliver manages to get in some great digs through a crack in the refrigerator, including: "Who put you up to this? Is it Gordon Ramsay?" and "You fat Canadian assholes, you're gonna pay for this!"

Say what you will about "Epic Meal Time" -- its appeal is admittedly singular -- but this episode is pretty amusing. See how it all plays out below.



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