01/22/2013 05:15 pm ET

'Memorex' Mashup By Smash TV Reminds Us Of Everything We Love And Hate About The '80s (PHOTOS)

The '80s were real and this epic supercut titled "Memorex" is here to prove it.

From Smash TV, the brave minds who brought you "Skinemax," comes an homage to an era so nostalgia-inducing you may need to watch in installments. From "The Breakfast Club" to "Alf" to all the grating commercials you swore you'd never sit through again, "Memorex" captures the essence of the most simultaneously beloved and reviled decade in recent history.

We'd like to direct special attention to the creepy toy portion of the video at 21:30 as well as the ominous homage to food close-ups around 30 minutes in. To be honest, we really started to lose our grip on reality around 36:06. Enjoy your time traveling experience, kids!

While we have you in another era, check out these retro tech goodies in the slideshow below:

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[h/t Gizmodo]


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