Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, the vandals attacked an LGBT center at the Boston College Law School with hateful and "offensive terms and phrases," according to school officials.

Students found graffiti in the Lambda Law Students Association office at Boston College Law School on Tuesday morning, the Boston Globe reports. Nate Kenyon, a spokesman for the law school, said the words written on the walls of the Lambda office consisted of a "wide range of offensive terms and phrases."

Lambda is a gay rights organization, and the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is often involved in court cases fighting for the civil rights of the LGBT community.


"The cowardly act of vandalism that was discovered this morning is reprehensible and runs counter to everything we stand for as a law school," Dean Vincent D. Rougeau told AboveTheLaw. "We are working closely with the Boston College and Newton Police in the hope of resolving the matter, which occurred over the weekend in an unlocked room in an unlocked building."

Jason Triplett, co-chair of the group, told AboveTheLaw that everyone in the BC community has been supportive. They received a suggestion to use it as a part of a "backdrop for a dedication to the gay rights movement… posting articles, pictures, and quotes on top of them that show our fight for equal rights from Stonewall to the President’s historic inclusion of gay rights in his inauguration speech yesterday… to show where we have come from and yet how far we still have to go."

A letter sent to the BC community said they are investigating the incident, and asked anyone with information about the perpetrators to contact the dean's office.

boston college lambda office vandalism

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