01/24/2013 11:08 am ET | Updated Jan 24, 2013

NYC Dog Map Shows Most Common Names, Breeds For Canines In City Zip Codes (MAP) (AUDIO)

As one of the country's most pet-friendly cities, New York City is proud to have over 100,000 registered dogs call the five boroughs home.

In a fun exercise, WNYC broke down this canine demographic to find the most popular names and breeds.

Paralleling a nationwide trend, the names Max, Bell, and Lucky topped the list.

(The registry is also peppered with plenty of dogs channeling pop culture stars and celebs with names like Jeter and Gucci.)

As for breeds, New Yorkers obviously opt for smaller dogs such as Yorkies and Malteses, which is no surprise considering it looks like apartment spaces are continuously shrinking.

Check out WNYC's interactive map of the most common breeds and names below:

And for more, give WNYC's story a listen:


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