01/24/2013 11:18 am ET

Paul Giamatti Reenacts 'Magic Mike,' 'Twilight' & 'You've Got Mail' Scenes (VIDEO)

Hollywood, take note: You've had a romantic leading man sitting under your nose this whole time. And his name's Paul Giamatti.

The Oscar nominee has been consistently working and acquired plenty of critical acclaim throughout his career, but why is he always cast as such a sad sack? As Vulture proved in this interview with Julie Klausner, Giamatti would have brought a whole new level of, shall we say, snarling intensity to "Magic Mike," "Twilight" and "You've Got Mail," if only he were cast as the heartthrob in those movies.

We can only assume that his new movie "John Dies at the End" will be his last role where the name "Paul Giamatti" isn't synonymous with "sensual dreamboat."


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