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Texas Turning Into A Blue State? (VIDEO)

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Could Texas be turning into a blue state?

Texas has the second-highest Hispanic population, and Henry Munoz, Democratic National Committee Finance Chair, believes it's only a matter of time before Texas becomes a battleground state.

"I think we will have a Democratic governor within a short period of time," Munoz told HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman Monday. "We're a very diverse population here in the state of Texas...Democrats do very well in grassroots, local, community-based elections, but it is time we begin to think of ourselves and our state as a battleground," he added.

"Be careful about making broad assumptions that one party or another will dominate for a long period of time," Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, told HuffPost Live. "I've been at this since 1972 and I can tell you we can have wild swings back and forth both ways."

Watch the entire segment on Turning Texas Blue at Huffpost Live.

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