Bryan Fischer: Boy Scouts' Gay Policy Debate Is A 'Suicide Mission,' Compares Gays To Pedophiles

01/29/2013 02:29 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

In what just might be the week's least surprising (but nonetheless infuriating) news, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer slammed the Boy Scouts of America's decision to rethink its controversial anti-gay policy on his radio show.

Fischer, whose anti-gay declarations have become a near-weekly staple of "Focal Point," told listeners that the Boy Scouts' debate was a “suicide mission” and would undoubtedly lead to pedophilia, Right Wing Watch first reported.

"Male homosexuals offend against [male] children at roughly 10 times the rate that heterosexuals offend against young children," Fischer said.

Declaring the scouting organization "finished," Fischer added, "From this day forward, there is not one loving father in America that ever, ever, ever ought to entrust his son to the Boy Scouts of America.”

This wasn't Fischer's first statement against the BSA. After the news broke yesterday, he tweeted:

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