Newark Mayor Cory Booker got into a brief feud on Twitter after a Star-Ledger article referred to his gun control stance as "centrist."

Star-Ledger reporter David Giambusso tweeted a link to his story on Booker's position on the assault weapons ban Sunday, alleging the mayor was "gun shy."

Booker retorted on his own Twitter account, defending his views on gun control and claiming Giambusso's article "mischaracterized" him. Giambusso did not back down easily, and thus a twitter-war ensued.

Booker has openly denounced other discerning opinions on his leadership and has utilized his Twitter account as a vehicle for updating followers on his initiatives and expressing his views. Booker even responded to a challenge on Twitter to live on food stamps for a week in November 2012.

Booker officially filed papers with the Federal Election Commission earlier in January and expressed his intent to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

View a slideshow of the tweets below:

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  • The First Blow

  • Booker Strikes Back

  • Giambusso Does Not Back Down

  • Booker Gets Angry

  • Giambusso Asks Booker To "Stop The B.S."

  • Twitter Comes To Booker's Defense

  • Things Get Serious.

  • Giambusso Challenges Twitter

    Upon receiving scrutiny from other Twitter users about his article, Giambusso asked for twitter-attackers to point out innauccuracies in his article

  • Twitter User Observes A Lack Of Inaccuracies

  • Giambusso Gets Support

    One Twitter user pointed out that Giambusso's article did not misquote Booker.

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