Michael Sheehan Arrested For Drunk Driving In Police Station Parking Lot (VIDEO)

01/29/2013 12:42 pm ET

Drunk driving is never good, but a Massachusetts man arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence at least made his arrest easy: He was driving in the police station parking lot.

Police in Barnstable, Ma., arrested Michael Sheehan on Friday night after authorities say he drove past two large signs that read "Do Not Enter" and "Police Personnel Only" -- on the wrong lane of the driveway -- straight into the back lot of the police station, the Boston Herald reported.

Sheehan, 57, was given sobriety tests, which he failed, according to

He was arrested and charged with trespassing and operating under the influence, according to the Associated Press.

Barnstable Sgt. Michael Riley said arresting Sheehan was much easier than the usual drunk driver: Officers just walked him from his car to a holding cell.

"We didn't even have to transport him," Barnstable Sgt. Michael Riley said, according to

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