Steve Harvey's got a penchant for, well, let's just say suits -- the flashy, three-piece hallmark of his personal style -- but when it comes to other facets of design, he's calling in some experts for advice.

Meet Mikel Welch, the one-time HGTV "Design Star" contestant and current set designer on Harvey's self-titled daytime talk show, who took us behind-the-scenes of the show's Chicago set to see where Harvey channels his signature style.

From a reclaimed wood dressing table to the dressing room's sports-inspired flourishes, check out three of the design trends Steve Harvey can look forward to everyday (plus, some tips on how you can work them into your own decor).

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  • Television Cabinet

    Now that most new televisions are a sleek and flat panel, there is no need for these bulky units that take up your whole family room.

  • Decorative Screens

    Yes, sometimes these can be handy as room dividers, but the trend of setting a screen in the corner of a room as decor is no longer really relevant. And they tend to be dust collectors!

  • CD Racks

    Since the emergence of MP3s, we don't really have use for our Red Hot Chili Pepper CD anymore, and we definitely don't need a whole tower to display our collection.

  • Landline Telephone

    In this day and age, most of us use our cell phones for all of our calls, so a landline at home is really not necessary.

  • China Hutch

    While many modern families are no longer collecting sets of expensive china, they're opting for more streamlined buffets or servers in their dining rooms instead.

  • Futons

    This was a staple in every young person's home back in the day, but now there are so many more attractive convertible options for sleeping (and more comfortable too), these are becoming obsolete.

  • Roll Top Desks

    These have been around for over a century, but in today's modern office, we're not as interested in closing our desks after working.

  • Grandfather Clock

    Today we look at our phones and even our microwave ovens (gasp!) to get the time. Although they can be beautiful, we no longer have a big need for these classics.

  • Water Beds

    We're not exactly sure why these awesome fixtures of the '80s are no longer popular... maybe because they were such a hassle when you sprung a leak!

  • Stereo Systems

    We remember wanting one of these monsters SO badly. But with today's newer technology, stereo systems have become sleeker and have less bulky components.