High School Girls Basketball Player Throws Vicious Elbow (VIDEO)

01/30/2013 02:39 pm ET | Updated Jan 30, 2013

How did the referees miss this one?

If you skip to the 15-second mark in the video above, you will see an exchange of elbows between to players in a recent high school girls basketball game in California. By seeing it, you'll have accomplished something that ref on the court did not.

As the team in the darker jerseys brought the ball up the court, a player in the paint can be seen misfiring on an elbow to the defender's stomach while battling for position. But even though she missed, the player in the white jersey, who Yahoo!'s Pep Rally blog believes is a senior at Atascadero Greyhounds High School, retaliated with a vicious and intentional elbow to the face. She did not miss.

Several people in the stands noticed the cheap shot as the player in the dark jersey began walking off the court in pain.

But the most important person on the court, the referee, somehow didn't see it and no call was made.


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