01/30/2013 09:12 am ET | Updated Jan 31, 2013

Jon Stewart Bulldozes Glenn Beck's 'Independence, USA', Calls It A 'Marxist Utopia' (VIDEO)

First conservatives wanted to secede from the union, now they just want to build their own super-gated (with freedom) communities. And, of course, one of the leading proponents of a libertarian intentional community (don't call it a commune, hippie) is the internet's Glenn Beck.

And not a moment too soon; it's been ages since Jon Stewart had a good reason to take a whack at America's favorite nut job.

But there's something fishy here. Beck's vision of true independence sounds at turns more Marxist, and at others more Hitlerian. In these two clips, Jon Stewart breaks down Beck's town plans and reveals them to be the stuff of nightmares more than dreams. (Who doesn't listen to Bruce on the 4th of July?) Watch part one above and part two below.


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