01/31/2013 08:15 am ET Updated Mar 26, 2013

Filip Dujardin's '(dis)location' Exhibit Showcases Bizarre Architectural Landscapes (PHOTOS)

Filip Dujardin is an architectural photographer with a flair for impossible structures. Using digital collage techniques, the artist creates renderings for absurd structures, from precariously stacked German-style homes to sand-covered fortresses. This alternate design universe is the subject of an upcoming exhibit at Highlight Gallery in San Francisco, titled "(dis)location."

filip dujardin

In the collection of playfully altered photographs, Dujardin has cut and spliced images of real buildings taken in Deauville, France and Guimaraes, Portugal. Pieced together in mind-boggling arrangements, the result is a unique array of visuals, rich in architectural references and homages to surrealism.

Scroll through a preview of Dujardin's work below. Let us know what you think of "(dis)location" below. Are you a fan of the artist's architectural non-reality?

"(dis)location" runs from February 7 - March 29 at Highlight Gallery in San Francisco.

Filip Dujardin


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