02/01/2013 09:50 am ET

Kenneth The Page's 'TV No-No Words' On '30 Rock' Finale (PHOTO)

In the span of 7 seasons of "30 Rock," we watched Kenneth Parcell grow from a meek yet enthusiastic NBC page to the president of the company. (Maybe forever?)

But upon taking over control of the network, his quirky personal taste begins to rear its head in programming decisions. "Conservative" doesn't begin to describe Kenneth's old-time-religion upbringing, and mixed with the often backwards sensibilities exhibited by network heads, he came up with a list of "TV No-No Words" that will never be seen on his network. Such as "quality" and "Justin Bartha" ("The New Normal" has no place on Kenneth's NBC).

Obviously, there's no way that the list is inspired by Tina Fey's own experiences working on the critically acclaimed yet low rated "30 Rock."

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