Have you ever been jealous of your favorite TV characters for having such easygoing attitudes about life? Now that finals season is finally behind you, it's a better time than ever to kick back, relax, and take pointers from some of our fictional favorites.

We’ve compiled our own list of 10 teens that regularly grace our television screens and encourage us to de-stress while viewing. From old favorites like "Lizzie McGuire" to "Wizards of Waverly Place," there’s a handful of characters we can take cues from on how to be more laid-back. Click through the slideshow below for 10 characters who make us want to slow down and CHILL OUT!

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  • Teddy Duncan

    Being an older sibling is never easy, let alone being responsible for three other kids. Teddy does her best to balance being kind, fair, and responsible to Charlie, Toby, and Gabe -- without ever getting too wound-up -- in “Good Luck, Charlie.”

  • Gordo

    Lizzie McGuire’s best friend Gordo never gets riled up about anything. He’s constantly playing the role of mediator and soundboard to any and all of Lizzie’s high school woes.

  • Kelly Wainwright

    Kelly Wainwright is the “ying” to her boss Gustavo’s “yang.” Her sweet comments to the boys on Big Time Rush and friendly personality outweigh any anxiety the band would feel from Gustavo.

  • Grady Mitchell

    Grady is quite the rule-bender on “Sonny With a Chance”-- and his childish antics also show his easygoing ways.

  • Beck Oliver

    A leader of the "Victorious" gang is known for his rational behavior and ability to remain calm, cool and collected in nearly any situation. <em>CORRECTION: A previous version of this slideshow stated Beck Oliver was "the leader of the "Victorious gang.'" The article was updated to reflect the fact that Oliver was one of several leaders of the gang.</em>

  • Spencer Shay

    Spencer, Carly’s legal guardian and older brother, can arguably go down in history as one of the most chill TV characters ever. "iCarly"’s most eccentric character acts responsibly with his younger sister but also maintains a nonchalant attitude. He even said himself once: “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

  • Bailey Pickett

    Whoever said smart people can’t be laid back has never come in contact with Bailey Pickett. Her optimistic personality doesn’t let many things get in the way of her experiences on "The Suite Life On Deck."

  • Max Russo

    If one Russo family member had to become mortal after the Wizard Competitions on "Wizards of Waverly Place," Max is the perfect, carefree candidate. Instead of being sad about losing his powers in the series finale, he proudly accepted the offer to run the Sub Station.

  • Ginny Thompson

    This ballerina may not be the most talented of the bunch, but Ginny is definitely "Bunheads"' most bubbly and least competitive dancer. Despite her setbacks, she maintains a positive spin on her career in ballet.

  • Jackson Stewart

    Miley’s older brother definitely qualified as most bizarre on “Hannah Montana” but he also knew how to let loose and have a good time.