Chocolate-Flavored Envelopes Get Us Into The Valentine's Day Spirit (PHOTO)

02/04/2013 09:17 am ET

These envelopes are so sweet. No, literally, they are chocolate-flavored. Do not adjust your screen, we said chocolate-flavored envelopes.

The brilliant weirdos at ThinkGeek have struck again, this time claiming that the death of snail mail was due not to the internet, but rather because envelopes taste really gross. "Imagine licking an envelope. Did your face just crinkle up in disgust? Exactly. Introducing a game-changer: FLAVORED ENVELOPES. These classy notecards are paired with chocolate-flavored envelopes."

chocolate flavored envelopes

You can pick up a pack of 10 chocolate-flavored envelopes and matching notecards for $12.99 on ThinkGeek.

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