02/04/2013 10:17 am ET

U.S. Army Veteran Brian Mancini, Wounded In Iraq, 'Feels Blessed' (VIDEO)

After growing up hearing stories of military service from his grandfather and uncles, Brian Mancini joined the Army two weeks after he got out of high school. Six months into his second tour in Baghdad, Mancini was hit by a roadside bomb and medically discharged after nearly 13 years of service. In this clip from an episode of "Super Soul Sunday," the U.S. Army veteran opens up about why he feels truly blessed.

"Are you going to crawl into a hole and get angry and bitter?" he asks. "Or are you going to start doing some inventory and kind of looking to God and finding out what all this means and where He wants you to go with it?"

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sunday mornings on OWN.


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