The cast of beloved Nickelodeon kids show, "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete," got back together for a 20th anniversaryreunion show at this year's SF Sketchfest, much to the delight of 90s kids everywhere. But how do the former co-stars act when they're not on stage?

Funny Or Die has the answer to that question in the new sketch above, which shows Big Pete (Michael C. Maronna), Little Pete (Danny Tamberelli), Artie (Toby Huss) and "Endless" Mike Hellstrom (Rick Gomez) meeting just a few hours before their reunion show.

So what has everyone been up to these last 20 years? Well, Artie, Mike and Little Pete could probably be doing better, but Big Pete is the "V-Neck Sweater King Of America!" Not bad for a former child star.

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